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Skill Assessment

Skill Assessment

Assessing your abilities forms the cornerstone of any visa application tied to an employer’s sponsorship. Many visa categories necessitate a thorough evaluation of your skills, and we specialize in aiding you through this process in your primary field or profession, be it ACS, CPAIPA, TRA, VETASSESS, ANMAC/AHPRA, ACWA, Engineers Australia, or another relevant authority.

Typically, skilled assessment professionals conduct evaluations to ensure your capabilities align with the standards required for significant roles. The comprehensive list of qualified and skilled occupations encompasses all positions falling within the four job categories.

skill assessment

Stage 1 – Provisional Skills Assessment


Through the PSA, TRA conducts an identity verification and validates the authenticity of your Australian qualifications. They also confirm your engagement in a range of job-related tasks within an Australian work setting. A successful PSA outcome (subclass 485) from Home Affairs can secure you a Temporary Graduate visa. An outstanding PSA result is a prerequisite before pursuing Step 2 JRE of the JRP application


  • To be able to get a PSA, you should:
  • Held an international student visa (primary visa holder) to study in Australia.
  • TRA looks at a skill necessary for a job and gives it to a CRICOS RTO because it is focused on Australia.
  • Proof that you did at least 360 hours of business or a professional situation related to your skills and chosen job in an Australian workplace in the three years before you submitted your PSA application.
  • Provisional Skill Assessment/360 Hours:
  • Identification (all pages)
  • One photo the size of a passport
  • Qualifications in Australia
  • Notice the business on a nearby site, like Genuine nearby, White Pages, or Yellow Pages.


Appraisal Outcome:

After the evaluation and confirmation process, the result of your PSA application will be sent to you by email. If your evaluation goes well, you can send the result letter to Home Affairs as part of your application for a 485 visa.

Important Note: Once you get a “Successful PSA Outcome” and are on a “485 Visa” or have a “held up visa application” or are holding a “Bridging Visa” (with full rights), you should sign up as soon as possible for “Step 2: Job Ready Employment” through the online portal, if it’s not too much trouble.


Stage 2 – Job Ready Employment


For Job Ready Employment, candidates need to find work in their assigned occupation, show that work through the web-based gateway, and give the correct enrollment reports to TRA.


  • have gotten a good result from a PSA
  • have less than four months left on your study visahold or have held a Home Affairs application for a visa that gives full (unlimited) work rights and enough time to finish Steps 2–4 of the JRP (at least a year)
  • have qualified for work

Requirements For Work:

You should have done about 1725 hours of paid work in your named occupation throughout at least 12 schedules after your JRE Start Date. Even if the time off is paid, you can’t remember it for the next 1725 hours. Guaranteeing earlier work: Before applying online for JRE, you can guarantee up to three straight months of paid work that was taken on right away. This must be confirmed when your JRE application goes live on the web.

  • The first business can be thought of in terms of:
  • tried with the first company you signed up for JRE
  • in the job you’ve chosen
  • adopted within three months of your web-based JRE application
  • not being used right now to meet your PSA application’s work requirements
  • held up with enough proof of compensation
  • For work strategies, TRA agrees with it.


      Stage 3 — Job Ready Workplace Assessment


      When members have finished and shown suitable proof of 863 hours of paid work over at least six months, they may be eligible for Step 3, which is a Job Ready Workplace Assessment.

      This is proof:

      • Progress Report Given
      • Payslips or invoices with a bank statement

        Stage 4 — Job Ready Final Assessment


        After a Job, Ready Workplace Assessment is done well and satisfactory proof of at least 1,725 hours of paid work over at least 12 months is checked, a Job Ready Final Assessment is given.