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Study Visa For Malaysia


The visa lets the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, live in Australia permanently. It is usually granted to people who hold a temporary Partner visa (subclass 309).

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Study in Malaysia 

The following are some main factors that impact foreign students’ decision to continue with their higher education courses in Malaysia:

Top global universities 

Malaysia is home to some of the best, globally famous colleges, which inspires students from all over the world to think about studying there for their further education. Currently studying in Malaysia are more than 100,000 international students representing almost 150 different countries.

Wide range of courses 

In Malaysia, there is a wide range of courses available for you to select from. You are therefore free to look at several courses and their goals when choosing the course you want to take.

Affordable tuition fees 

Comparing tuition costs to other popular study destinations such as the US and the UK, studying in Malaysia provides more reasonable tuition. Students find universities and colleges to be an attractive choices due to their reputation for providing high-quality education at a comparatively reduced cost.

The programs and course content are the same, and the degree has the same weight as the UK campus of the University of Nottingham. Second, housing and living expenses are much lower in Malaysia, making it easier for international students to live there

Study in Malaysia without IELTS

International students can be accepted to certain Malaysian colleges without taking the IELTS exam, but they have to show an “English Proficiency Certificate” from their previous college or university, which must indicate that the last degree they earned was taught fully in English

Wide choice of courses

For students from other nations, Malaysia provides a large selection of courses. Students may take courses that lead to the job market while also having the chance of involving in Malaysia’s colourful traditions

Partnered with international universities 

Many foreign universities have established campuses in Malaysia to get into the Asian education industry and give students an affordable option for obtaining international-calibre education in Malaysia.

How can students apply for study visa for Malaysia 

There are multiple processes involved in applying for a study visa to Malaysia from your country.  You must first obtain admission to an educational institution in Malaysia. 

Basic paperwork such as passports, acceptance letters, health certificates and evidence of funding must be available for the visa procedure. The embassy or consultant company of your city or country will receive the complete documents and application form for a visa. Students must be ready for an interview after submission of the application. After the acceptance letter of the visa, you are allowed to start your education in Malaysia.

Time process

The process of the study visa for Dubai takes a different period due to the different conditions such as the type of visa, application types, and the busy schedule of the visa processing centre. The normal period of the procedure for the study visa for Dubai is between 2 – 4 weeks but this period may be changed. It is recommended to apply in advance for a study visa in case of unexpected delays or issues in the application process. 

Important points before applying for a visa 

Use the following advice to improve your chances of getting a study visa for Malaysia. Before applying, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and information ready. Second, make sure all of the information in your documents is correct and full. Third, to allow for processing time, submit your application well in advance of the date you plan to go. Fourth, if an interview is necessary, be ready for it and provide confident, honest answers to all of the questions. Lastly, to avoid any last-minute problems, keep yourself informed on the visa application procedure and any updates to the requirements.


Malaysia is a great place for students to achieve their goals. Malaysia has many options for students to choose a university or college according to their preferences and courses.