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Business Visas

iWise Business Visas

There’s a possibility of obtaining a business visa to operate a business in Australia. Various business visa categories cater to short stays, while others offer pathways to permanent residency for business purposes.

 These visas encompass different categories, accommodating short-term stays as well as offering avenues for permanent residency based on business-related activities and aspirations. Whether for short-term endeavors or seeking a long-term business presence leading to permanent residency, Australia offers diverse options through its range of business visa pathways.

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Brief Visas


The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visas cater to individuals aiming to initiate a business in Australia, collaborate with existing businesses, or engage in investment ventures within the country. This visa category encompasses three distinct classes or streams to accommodate diverse business and investment goals

 This type of visa has three classes or streams:


1- Changes in Business


To own or do business with a new or old business. The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visa offers an avenue for individuals to either establish their own business venture or collaborate with an existing enterprise in Australia. This visa category serves as a pathway for engaging in entrepreneurial pursuits, whether it involves launching a new business or partnering with an established entity. The visa’s flexibility accommodates individuals seeking to invest, manage, or actively participate in the Australian business landscape, fostering economic growth and opportunities within the country.


        2- Helper with money


        To spend about AUD 1.5 million on a project in an Australian state or region; or to keep a business or venture going in Australia after the first rumors spread. This visa pathway not only encourages investment in specific regions but also supports the nurturing and expansion of ongoing business initiatives, contributing to the local economies and fostering a sustained presence within the Australian business landscape. The visa’s flexibility allows individuals to explore varied investment options while also promoting the longevity and stability of their business endeavors within Australia.

            3- Huge Investor


            To put 5 million Australian dollars into settling on interests in Australia; and After the first business has taken off, keeping up with business and speculation in Australia is essential. Beyond the initial investment phase, sustaining active involvement in business operations and ongoing investments within Australia remains pivotal. This visa pathway not only emphasizes the financial commitment but also underscores the significance of maintaining and nurturing business endeavors to contribute to the Australian economy and business landscape. Consistent engagement and proactive management of investments and business ventures in Australia are key to leveraging the benefits and opportunities provided by this visa category.


                This type of visa has two classes or streams:


                There is a lot of business for high-quality entrepreneurs who want to grow in Australia.

                Investment Entrepreneur Stream: for people who have gotten money from the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) member. Business Visitor: for people who need to go to Australia for a short time to do business. Business Visitor Visas are up next: