Temporary Skill Shortage

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 

What is a Temporary Talent Shortage Subclass 482 visa?

With a temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482), also known as a “TSS visa,” an Australian firm can sponsor a foreign worker to work for their company there.

On March 19, 2019, this work visa was initially granted. This visa took the position of the Temporary Work Visa subclass 457, which DHA eliminated.

If you have the skills to work for an Australian employer who wishes to hire you, you might be qualified for the TSS visa.

Three (3) methods exist for obtaining a TSS visa:

the following path
The current in the medium period
How the Labor Pact Functions
The list of Consolidated Skilled Occupations can help you work out which stream is best for you. Your TSS visa will only be valid for two (2) years if your work qualifies you for the short-term stream. Your TSS visa will be granted for four (4) years if your employment qualifies you for the medium-term stream.

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How do I know if I can get a Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa?

The basic guidelines for the TSS visa are as follows:
You are listed as having a position on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List. An Australian employer has suggested you for a position and is interested in hiring you.
You are equipped with the knowledge and abilities required for your position.
You have been employed in your profession for at least two years.
English can assist you to do your job.
You don’t have to be perfect to adhere to the DHA’s rules.
If you are currently in Australia, have a permanent visa, bridging visa A, B, or C, and have complied with all visa criteria, you are eligible for entry.
The TSS passport does not have an age restriction.

How does a Subclass 482 Temporary Talent Shortage visa get obtained by an employer? What are the basic guidelines?

Employers who assist foreign employees in obtaining a TSS visa so they can work in Australia are required to:
Be a business that is doing things the correct way.
Nothing unfavorable to say about the business.
Choose a legitimate full-time position for the international laborer.
Pay and working circumstances requirements must be satisfied.
Show evidence that you looked for employment if requested.

How do I apply for a 482 visa for temporary skill shortages?
Step 1:

Check the Combined Skilled Occupation Lists to see if your profession is listed in step one.

Step 2: 

Verify that you satisfy all eligibility criteria.

These requirements must be met to apply:

Learn to speak English. Make sure you have health protection while you are in Australia.

You must clear background and character checks to obtain an Australian visa.

Step 3:

is to locate employment in Australia that will allow you to reside and work there. The Department of Home Affairs has an online workplace sponsorship application that employers can complete (DHA).

Step 4: 

Request a recommendation from your boss.

Once you land a position, your employer is required to apply for a TSS visa on your behalf. When your workplace adds your name to a list of potential sponsors, you can apply for the visa at the same time. The employer nomination paperwork is completed at the DHA.

Step 5: 

Complete the TSS Immigration application.

You can submit an online 457 visa application to the DHA after submitting the company nomination form.

Step 6:

Pause until a choice is made in step six.

It could take a few months for the DHA to deliberate on your visa application. A TSS visa could be obtained between 11 and 18 days in 2018.

Step 7:

 Obtain a work visa and begin employment!

You will receive your passport and be able to begin working in Australia as soon as your application is approved.